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Everybody has a passion project and this is one of mine - To create a polished chocolate packaging that supports all the struggling entrepreneurs through periods of self-doubt by providing them with a witty, yet sensitive, and uplifting boost that will remind them how building their dream starts by taking the next step (and piece).

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It could be the Swiss influence, but I've always had chocolate in my home and I've always enjoyed eating it. With "MONDAYS", I wanted to distance the idea of chocolate being a "guilty pleasure" and just see it as a moderate one as well as a type of support system.

MONDAYS is for anybody who is in need of a reminder that no dream is easy to fulfil and that is okay to struggle. Everybody is trying to build their life and everybody is trying to find the perfect piece of the puzzle. There are good days and bad days, some days where everything seems going smoothly and others where everything seems falling apart. As long as you continue, you are on the right track.

Here is a selection of traditional chocolate flavours accompanied by a witty, but sensitive slogan that highlights the positive aspect of any unpleasant phase of building a dream.

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The palette wasn't only chosen based on the chocolate's flavours, but also to give the packaging a vintage nostalgic touch that highlights its timeless positive effect.

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